Robert E. Diez is President and Director of MERE Asesores de Inversiones and is also Executive Director of Lugano Financial LLC. He has been in commercial banking since 1976, having served several terms as member of the Board and member of the Executive Committee of FIBA, Florida International Banking Association. He is currently a director of Security Bank, N.A. Mr. Diez previously worked as Executive Vice-President and CIO for Colonial Bank, Miami where he was responsible for all international lending and private banking activities for the bank with over $18 billion in assets and over 275 offices throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Nevada, and Texas. His prior experience included a title as Senior Vice-President and head of the International Division at Eastern National Bank, Florida. He is currently Director of Cacique Master Funds. Mr. Diez is a member of the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Secretary of the executive Committee. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian and English.

Calvin Enrique Lam is Secretary / Director of MERE Asesores de Inversiones  and is also President and Director of Lugano Financial LLC. He has been in the financial and banking industry for over 20 years. Prior to working as a financial advisor Mr. Lam worked as Senior Vice President and Head of International Private Banking & Investments for the International Division at Colonial Bank. His previous financial responsibilities included developing the South American portfolio at Citibank International and Manufactures-Hanover, now Chase Manhattan Bank. He served as Director for New Bridge LLP Andean Markets in Tropigas, the second largest LPG distributor in Venezuela.  He was a member of the Board of Directors of Digas. Mr. Lam is currently Director of Lugano Group LLC, Mere Asesores de Inversion Inc., Cacique Master Funds, and Satelca CA, (Satelites & Telecomunicaciones CA). Mr. Lam is a General Securities Registered Representative (Series 7), and Uniform Securities Agent State Law and Registered Investment Advisor (Series 66). Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Tony Vitale is Treasurer of MERE Asesores de Inversiones, as well as, Mr Vitale has been working in the financial field for over 18 years, having initiated his career as Treasurer of Banco Caracas, Venezuela in 1986. Since 1994 he had been at Banco Caribe in Caracas, Venezuela as Treasurer / CFO. Mr. Vitale also worked as Director of Finamek, a brokerage firm in Venezuela. His experience includes tax preparation and he renders this service upon request from clients in Venezuela. Tony Vitale has developed an important portfolio of clients who receive his financial services. Mr. Vitale speaks Spanish, Italian and English.

Jose E. Bosquez is .

Aida Lopolito is an Analyst with MERE Asesores de Inversiones.

Julio R. Ramírez is the Chief Executive Officer of MERE Asesores de Inversiones. With over twenty years’ experience as an attorney, he specializes in stock market law and in real estate law. He is currently a founding partner of Ramírez & Asociados Consultores, a consulting firm in Panama, and is licensed by the National Securities Commission of the Republic of Panama to act as a Compliance Officer. In addition, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Securities Brokerage House and Investment Advisors. Since 1997, he also acts as outside Legal Counsel for ICA Panamá. He currently serves as Head of the Panamanian Maritime Lawyers Association. Previously, he was also the General Assistant Manager of Panama’s Banco Hipotecario, and served as both Vice Minister and Legal Counsel for the Ministry of Agriculture. Mr. Ramírez began his professional career at Banco Nacional de Panamá, said country’s official bank. He speaks Spanish and English fluently.